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Transparent, satin finish for interior wood surfaces, based on oil alkyd resin. It accentuates the natural grain, colour and texture of all timbers and provides a hardwearing finish for doors, cabinets, furniture, etc. Abrasion resistant varnish. Resistant to water, soap, domestic chemicals and alcohol spills.

: Suitable for most types of timber, as a stand alone 3 coat system on bench tops, shelves, skirting, panelling, furniture, doors etc. Also commonly used as the finishing coats on timber that has been stained with Cetol HLSe.

Application: Stir well. Cetol TSI Satin plus is a thixotropic product and requires a vigorous beating action, as this will cause the product to thin by itself. Apply to clean, dry sound substrate. Brush application recommended; apply at 45 microns wet. Light cut back between coats. (click here for application guide)

Available Sizes: 1L, 2.5L
Number of coats Practical coverage
in m2/litre
Min. film thickness
required per coat
Thinning % Application
Drying time
2-3 coats 18m2 dressed timber. Wet
45 microns
Thin maximum 10%
first coat with white spirit
20hrs at 20/65% relative
humidity (coating must be
dry before re-coating)
15 microns
Brush clean up
Mineral turpentine

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